Christmas Lunch!

I must say Im pretty excited about tomorrows lunches. My best work yet! 
Peanut butter sandwiches in Christmas shapes, Christmas pretzels, pickles, and fruit snacks.

Tomorrow is somewhat of a half day for audrey at school. They have Christmas related plans all day, party at 1:30 then after that they are dismissed to go home. That is when the lunches will come to play. After her party we will be heading to St Louis (about 2 hrs away) for another Christmas party and they will most likely be munching on these on the way up there. 
I {heart} them!

Made in my beloved EasyLunchboxes!

While youre here, stop by my FunBites cutters giveaway. Low entries, ends 12/26!


  1. adorable! love all 4 matching lunches in your ELB's. :)
    did you put icing or cream cheese on the top of the stockings?

  2. Super Cute and Creative!